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The New CEO …

is called Rod Humble, has a background in gaming and is a Brit!!!!!!! Woohoo! Read all about him here.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this (not because he’s a fellow-Brit LOL), but because he seems to have something of the visionary about him: unlike the previous bloke whose real name came to me just as I was about to type “whose name I can’t even remember”, Mark Kingdon. I suppose I should offer some further insightful commentary, but my blogging has always been a little lacklustre and why should anything change just because the final digit of the year has changed. Does anyone really believe in a New Year; a new start once they’re out of their 20s? Apart from anything else, why do you have to wait until a particular date before trying to change your life?

Why does one always see the typos and other errors just after publishing and not before? It’s like turning on the shower just as you realize you forgot your towel. 😛


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