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Virtual Dogs: Real Rescues

When Enrico Genosse decided to create the first VKC Mutt he also decided that part of the purchase price would go to a RL animal charity. The chosen charity for January 2011, Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, was nominated by me and is particularly dear to my heart as my dear friend Lora got her RL golden, Willow, from them. Willow went to the Rainbow Bridge on 28 September 2010.

The mutt is a virtual representation of a RL mongrel called Widget. He was chosen from a number of dogs by public vote. On the day Widget was released four dogs were given away, but not by a draw: the dogs were released and four of them chose their new owner. I was one of the lucky ones. I called him Fidget Widget. Lora decided she would buy one and called hers Bridget Widget. Below is a picture of the twins relaxing on our land. Fidget has the green collar. He was so funny when I first had him: he was jealous of the other dogs and would push them out of the way if I was petting them.

As a rule the sculpted dogs are much more expensive than the prim dogs but the Widget is an exception, so please go and check him out for yourself at the VKC Parks. You’ll get a wonderful virtual dog, and help RL animals as well.


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