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More nostalgia

One thing that hadn’t been zapped from inventory was a notecard I sent to a friend on 26 September 2006 when I was still quite new but felt as if I had been there forever. It was headed Francesca’s Travels and I’ll reproduce it in part here because it describes a rapidly vanishing SL, and because it reminds me of happier times. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Hello R

I didn’t get around to writing this over the weekend. I’d like to say it was because RL was so exciting, but I was exploring in SL.

This should really have been called the ramblings of Francesca because that’s just what I’m going to do.

First of all – SIM news such as it is.

That evil land-grabbing avi Francesca Alva has bought more land. Well – it won’t up my land fees, so why not? I’m building something to go on it – it’s a secret for now. 😉

I met Bridget McKay today. She’s a 7′ 7″  tall winged humanoid all black with red eyes and a dragon on her shoulder. In RL she comes from [name removed]. She has the parcel at the end and to the left of mine looking straight down from your place. She didn’t say, but I don’t think she has a dragon in RL, LOL. She did tell me she wasn’t anywhere near 7′ tall, LOL. hehehe. She’s desperate for more prims.

I found a website that shows you what type of server your sim is on (http://neighbours.maxcase.info/), and whether you share it with anyone. Class 4 servers have 3 sims, Class 3 servers have 2 sims. Class 2 servers were supposed to have only 1 sim, but according to LL they have now been retired. Guess which Seogwipo is on? That’s right – the supposedly defunct 2 – and we share with another sim. The site relies on avis who wear a special gizmo that collects data in-world. I picked up one of them and am one of their top reporters [smiles modestly].  Ahead of me is Twiggy Lawson (ROTFLOL). You can either choose sims or click on the gizmo and be sent to a randomly-selected sim. I’ve ended up under water, embedded in walls and in private homes. I was flying through one sim when suddenly there was a shower of green sparks. A message from one Data Linden appeared at the top of the screen ordering me to stop caging and shooting. I immediately assumed it was my fault, LOL, or rather the gizmo’s fault and replied telling him I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing that. I had visions of being banned from SL. He replied that he hadn’t been talking to me, and I realised that I was the target of the shooting and caging. He had been rescuing me, LOL.

An SL lifeguard tried to pick me up, hehe. Sent me an IM asking where I was. Since I’d never met him before, I asked him why he wanted to know. He said he’d seen me in a class and wanted to get to know me, hehe. I checked out his profile, and his RL photo showed a 20 something. A very nice-looking 20 something, I have to say. But how stupid – if we’d ever spoken it might have made some sense – but to fall for a load of pixels. Good to know I’ve still got it, Teehee.

Anyway, on to my travels.

I started off in Tethys – riding the river in an inner tube for which I paid Ben Linden the enormous sum of 1 linden. I have no idea what the river is called, but as you’re from Essex and I’m from Kent, I’m going to call it the Thames – thus following in the fine tradition of British explorers in renaming exotic places that have perfectly good names with something a little less foreign, LOL

The HQ of something called the Alliance Fleet is here, and I have to say that most of the people in these wilder areas seem to be of the survivalist mentality and overly concerned with weapons of mass destruction, LOL. It’s that sort of place, because it’s so bleak you can’t plant flowers and rez fountains and gazebos (well I suppose you could since this is SL, but they’d look a bit stupid). I suspect that most of the people here don’t spend much time in their houses, or else they’re recluses.

There are proper roads here, though (with lots of advertising hoardings), and I found a railway line. All the land that isn’t occupied is protected so it won’t be developed. Most of the occupied land belongs to groups, or, I would guess, to people who’ve been in SL from the start.

I followed the river round to Arlberg. Can’t give you any landmarks because His Excellency Governor Linden won’t let you create any. But there are a couple of pics. The land here belongs to the SL Aquarium society, which explains the giant aquarium.

I then followed the Thames round to Garmisch – one of the snow sims.

I don’t know if you arrived at Braunworth info hub like me. I couldn’t wait to get out, but I’ve since discovered that if you go along the road there you come to snow sims. I was at the hub yesterday (nostalgia) and there were a couple of brand new avs shooting one another. This place is really going to the dogs, what with griefers and those greedy land grabbers [coughs].

My brain is completely  overwhelmed with all the places I’ve seen (if it’s 1.00 pm this must be Seogwipo, hehe) so I’ll just say that if you continue to follow the river you arrive in a temperate zone with boats moored at jetties, and finally at the tropical seaside sims.

I meant to ask you if you were online when all the drama was taking place over the hacking and we had to change our passwords. Unfortunately my email chose that day to misbehave, so although I requested instructions, nothing arrived. It was only after numerous requests I realised that the deluge of spam had stopped as well. The dam burst around midnight and I was finally able to get back into SL. Other people weren’t so lucky, and there were dark mutterings in the forums about lawsuits and suchlike. It was hardly LL’s fault they were hacked – even the Pentagon has suffered, but I do think they could have had staff in over the weekend to field calls. Apparently 60 people have now been banned and an entire sim, Satyr, deleted, because they were instrumental in bringing down the grid. I don’t think they had anything to do with the hack though. Apparently that was someone who was after $linden.

I think that’s all the news, except I’ve noticed that in a class the women get on with making whatever it is we’re making, and if anyone’s disrupting the group it’s always a man. There was a guy today who couldn’t get the hang of it so he criticised the instructor – said her notes were muddled – she was a bit upset. After all, they volunteer to do this – no one pays them. Of course he was the only one who had a problem. The notes were fine – it was him. I think it was probably too advanced a class.

Well, that’s about it. Went to 4 classes today and all in all it’s been busy and productive. That means that RL went on the back burner (again).

Looking forward to chatting again.

Wish you were here, LOL


PS – it’s 4.25 am!!!


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