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Inventory Loss

I have just discovered that the bacon sammach plane was not the only thing missing from my inventory. After a long time away, I decided to make the effort and go to Amber and Abi’s regular Jazz by the Canal at Le Vieux Canal Jazz Club. I got into my flapper outfit. I have some beads that go with it but they, too, had vanished without trace. Luckily I was able to replace them and they cost only 150L, but that’s not the point. It’s not the money that bothers me: 150L is about 60 cents, but many of my things have great sentimental value and are irreplaceable.

I’ve noticed that the server on which my home sim is hosted is a release candidate. Could this have anything to do with it?  It says in the wiki that a server  has to “prove itself” as a release candidate for a week. That’s been a very long week. According to my chat log I first got that message on 6 December 2010. Or maybe it was because  when my av wouldn’t load last month I tried using 2 to force it. When I returned to it the other day in a vain attempt to find my plane I found I was wearing a completely different outfit. When I logged back in again on Phoenix I was wearing bits and pieces of both outfits. Perhaps switching between Viewer 1 ( or viewers based on it) and 2 is not a good idea.

I went on a nostalgic trip to Tethys today to ride the Tubes of Saturn. I knew I had loads of inner tubes in my inventory because they are full-perm. At least, I thought I had loads. Not a single t00b. Not even the notecard that came with them. I hadn’t deleted them because I’d customized some for use on our beach land. I couldn’t find many of the pics I’d taken that day either. It’s not that I objected to paying the Governor the paltry sum of 1L (although I think he’s being a bit cheap), it’s the vulnerability of inventory that worries me.

In another fit of nostalgia I went to Braunworth Info Hub where I first rezzed. Time has not improved it. I decided to fly the sammach along the Linden road to the snow sims. I veered off in the wrong direction and crash landed at some parcel called Dirty Lil Secret. I then got a message saying I had been ejected and banned from said parcel. Gee, I am crushed.


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