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Post Building Blues

When I finished my first New Toulouse build, la Maison Terre Cuite ( Terracotta House), I rushed straight into building the Preservation Hall. It took me a long time, especially as I left it on the back burner while I built the Faulkner House. Of course, although these buildings existed at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries – the New Orleans on which New Toulouse is based – they weren’t actually called that (for obvious reasons), so my buildings are nameless until I can come up with something funny, or historically accurate.

Last week I realized that my Preservation Hall was too small, and that is why I was having a hard time getting it right. It’s in proportion now and finished, but the inside is a vast space, and I have too few prims to do anything with it. It could, of course, become the building for the Green-Eyed Fairy, but I am so attached to the original structure, that I really don’t want to change a thing there.

I am now deeply depressed because the buildings are finished and that is that. I don’t build to sell, I build for me. In any event, I don’t have all the whistles and bells most people seem to demand of builds: my doors don’t lock, and in some cases they’re just set to phantom; my windows aren’t tintable. New Toulouse has inspired me to build on a scale I never thought possible, but right now I feel completely uninspired: “my way of life is fall’n into the sere and yellow leaf “. Increasingly I am questioning my involvement in Second Life. The Green-Eyed Fairy does fulfil a need and gives pleasure both to me and others; my memorial garden for Judy Frankel also has purpose; as well as honouring the memory of a great singer, it creates a pleasing space on the Grid, where people may pause and reflect. For the rest of it – it is mere self-indulgence, and that would not greatly matter, if I got any enjoyment out of it now, but it seems like something of a millstone at the moment and I am arid and sad. I cannot justify the expense of keeping on the land where these three buildings stand, so when my rent runs out, I shall simply pack up. Unless my mood indigo takes on  a different hue.

Here anyway, are my pictures of Preservation Hall – New Taloo style. The rear isn’t quite right but that is a combination of lack of skill and space.


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