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Emerald: the beat goes on

Arabella Steadham posted the following update to her post:


As at 2.00pm SLT today, an attempt was made to pervert the in world open Emerald viewer group by a known griefer using the account Greenlife Emerald. As a consequence of this, I tried to close the group down. Unfortunately, I could not do this in time, so many will now no doubt read disturbing notices put out by Greenlife Emerald. I suggest you read this blog for any information on Emerald.

Please note, no other group has the legal right to use the name Emerald or Emerald Viewer.

Jessica Lyon has now posted a “Response to Arabella’s notecard“.

This is rapidly turning into a game of “he said; she said”, and I doubt if we will ever learn the full story.

In the meantime, I’m still using Emerald and have just downloaded the latest (and last) Beta: 2600. It’s available here. The log-in screen MOTD for the past few days  has been, There will come a time when you think everything is finished. that will be the beginning. A quotation from Louis L’Amour, doubtless it is a reference to the events of the past few days in the Emerald universe, but it also resonates strongly with me given my typist’s life at the moment.

I think I shall leave these green thoughts in their green shades and return to my regularly-scheduled meanderings through my mundane Second Life.


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