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Do you know what it means?

I have never been to New Orleans, but the city holds a special place in my heart, as I suspect it does for many around the world. I first “discovered” the Crescent City when I was about nine or ten. This is what I posted on the New Toulouse Ning (still up but alas not running) when asked what New Taloo meant to me:

A childhood memory: Billie Holiday singing Farewell to Storyville, accompanied by the incomparable Louis Armstrong. Then there was a power cut, or our old black and white TV had a hissy fit, and it was years before I found out the name of the film (I saw the best bit, anyway). That was my introduction to jazz and blues: a pretty good one, wouldn’t you say? Until long after I was grown-up I believed the closing down of Storyville was one of the great cultural tragedies of the 20th century. New Taloo is that memory given new life, and I am so glad to be here.

I had no idea what Storyville really was: it was shown in the film as a rather jolly place with gambling, dancing, and, of course, Jazz! Jazz! Jazz! Our Heroine, played by Dorothy Patrick, was always sneaking off there — “slumming,” as she termed it — to listen to jazz.

Here is a clip (or should I say THE clip?) from that movie:

This was supposed to be a post about the Katrina exhibit at the Toussaint l’Ouverture Library, but as usual I’ve wandered. See next post.


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