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Yet another Emerald blog post

I suppose I should at least mention the Emerald controversy. It’s probably clear from this opening statement that I’m not a techie, and much of this goes over my head.

I’ll start on a positive note: I love Emerald. It has consistently out-performed the regular viewer for me, and has nice add-ons, some of which have now been adopted by LL in their viewers. There has always been a lot of criticism of Emerald:

It compromises users’ security

Invades in-world privacy

Tortures small animals

Causes global warming

Was present at the Grassy Knoll

I think most non-tech types have probably assumed a lot of the criticism was nothing more than sour grapes, but in view of what has just happened, even we have to sit up and take notice now.

Ssince brevity is the soul of wit,

…(and is to be preferred if one doesn’t know what one is talking about)

I will be brief: Fractured Crystal (not his real name :p) one of the Emerald developers, inserted code in the Emerald log-in Screen to launch a denial of service attack on another’s website. The Alphaville Herald covers the story.

The rest of the team moved swiftly disassociate themselves from these actions. According to Skills Hak, they asked that Emerald be removed from the list of TVPs. According to Philip Linden’s statement yesterday, Emerald had no choice in the matter as the Lab had removed them. You can read more in The Alphaville Herald.

Wagner James Au has an audio of the treet.tv interview with Arabella Steadham of the Emerald team. In another post he says that Emerald now accounts for 50% of user hours. This does not surprise me: at any gathering I’ve been to at least one third (and usually more) of those present are Emerald users (Emerald allows you to see which viewer is being used).

I shall continue to use Emerald until they prise it from my cold dead hand.

Sad to think that Fractured Crystal, who, according to Ms Steadham in the treet.tv interview, as well as being exceptionally able is very young, will now be remembered, not for the wonderful viewer he created, but for his reckless behaviour. Others will take Emerald now and run with it. Here is his apology.


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