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Make it Right

I originally posted this on 15 March 2010 in the New Toulouse Ning which, sadly, is no more. Well it’s there for the moment, but the community is no longer using it, as ning sites are no longer free. As the anniversary of Katrina is approaching, I thought I would repost it here:

I just found this great website, Make it Right. Its mission is to be a catalyst for redevelopment of the Lower 9th Ward by building a neighborhood of safe and healthy homes that are inspired by Cradle to Cradle thinking, with an emphasis on high quality of design, while preserving the spirit of the community’s culture. The goal is to accomplish this quickly, so that the first residents can begin returning to their homes as soon as possible.

I came to New Toulouse in part because of what New Orleans means to me, and has done since childhood, even though, sadly, I’ve never been there. It just occurred to me that it’s all very well roleplaying in SL, but perhaps I should show what I feel in a more constructive way.

You can make donations, buy merchandise (I’ve just bought a poster), keep up with progress, and form fundraising teams. I don’t know if the latter is a possibility for us in New Taloo.


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