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Miz Gabi’s Tuesday Tea, cont’d

As usual the men of New Taloo were conspicuous by their absence.  Here is a shot of the Pixel Magnolias.

From left to right: Miss Patrice Cournoyer, Miz Abi (Abigail Raymaker), Miz Amber (Amber Palowakski), Miss CronoCloud Creeggan, Miz Gabi (Gabrielle Riel, Duchess of Carntaigh and Prim Minister of New Toulouse), Miss Frannie (me!!!!)

Also present, but not shown, were Miss Novella Bluewood and Miss Soliel Snook.

Miz Gabi demonstrated the awesome capabilities of her weather machine by Damanios Thetan. It will play a major role in the disaster that is to overwhelm New Toulouse during the weekend of  25-26 September.

I must admit I had reservations at first, but the RL New Orleanians who live in our little community are fine with it, so who am I to object? In one of those excruciating “you-couldn’t-make-it-up” situations, the date Gabi had originally selected was the anniversary of Katrina. Ouch.

Mr Denver Hax is engaged upon Top Secret work related to the disaster, so anything could happen. Miss Patrice will make a machinima of the event.

This is what happened when Gabi tested the water (levels). My poor bar!


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