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There is nothing like that first ever rezzing of a cube. There before you is something you have created out of nothing. OK, God created the world, but it took Him six days, and your plywood cube appeared in a second (or minutes if SL is being slow :p), and for ever after, it will show your name as creator. I suppose the excitement of creation is one reason why newbies litter the Grid with cubes and spheres – when they’re not editing their appearance that is. Have you noticed how much time noobs spend editing appearance?

Eventually of course, the delights of the single untextured cube pall a little. At this point you either give up, or move on to something a little more challenging. I have been building since my earliest days, but only when I moved into New Toulouse did I embark upon something a little more ambitious than bean bag chairs. New Taloo is based on New Orleans at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

I started off with a French Quarter house; when I showed it to my friend from NOLA (the real life 21st century one) she said she was sure she had seen it in the French Quarter. I took that a quite a compliment. In fact it’s something of a mishmash of various houses. In the picture it’s to the left. It’s the only one that’s completely finished. The next building is my take on the Preservation Hall. The third house is my version of the Faulkner House; like the real thing I have a bookshop on the ground floor. I hope I shall be able to keep all three houses on show, but sadly virtual land doesn’t come cheap and my builds tend to be prim heavy because I hate the way alpha textures flicker, and I’m not a great fan of the sculpty. The name of the parcel at the moment (it changes frequently) is “Kindness of Strangers”, because our virtual streetcar, named Desire (what else) runs right by there. 🙂


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