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Ewww – cobwebs

Well, the avatar is willing but the typist is weak. I meant to post more about Relay for Life, but RL events have overtaken me. Anyway, I was logged into SL relaying for 11 hours in total, and 9 hours straight (if you don’t include the crashes). I found it quite tiring sitting there with my finger pressed on the arrow keys all that time.

I can almost hear some people arguing it was a waste of time, and asking why we didn’t relay in the real world. Well, this ‘waste of time’ raised $270,388 for the American Cancer Society. Many people in SL are prevented by circumstance from participating in real life events, and, yes, you can just send a cheque or flex the plastic, but there was such a sense of community and good fellowship out on our virtual track. I am proud to have taken part and can’t wait for next year.

I took a number of pics, but am unable to access them at the moment because my graphics card has fried. I’m on a computer that’s so old it has ‘Property of Charles Babbage’ stencilled on the side.


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