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Tamsin Ireton, RIP

Tam was warm, witty, funny, kind, and fiercely intelligent. Her unexpected death on Wednesday, 1 August 2018 has left a huge hole in the hearts and lives of those who were lucky enough to know her. For most of her SL she was a Tiny squirrel. Goodbye, dear Tam.

Fb profile pic 7 May 2015, wearing Clover Dezno

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How I came to InWorldz

In 2010 a minor scandal erupted when ‘nobodies’ used the names  of SL celebrities such as Desmond Shang and Gabrielle Riel to sign up to a new grid. The issue was resolved to the luminaries’ satisfaction, I’m glad to say. I didn’t for a minute think anyone would be signing up as me, but I thought I’d investigate this new grid, and on 7 September 2010 became a resident of InWorldz. This is one of my earliest pics taken at IDI (InWorldz Desert Island), the starting point for all new avs.

InWorldz, InWorldz Desert Island (112, 126, 21) small

This picture was taken on 9 September 2010 and that day I told my friend Lora (loracenaj Ogg RIP) about IW. She liked the sound of it, and said she would join. Nine days later she departed this life (I have blogged about this elsewhere).

I didn’t much want to be in any virtual world after that, but the only one that made sense was SL because that’s where my Best Friend and I had had so much fun.

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Farewell to InWorldz

It’s just a mass of data on a server somewhere, right? So why is my heart breaking as I write of the end of InWorldz?

We had such little time to prepare. I understand that the grid goes down at 3.00 pm Pacific Daylight Time today. That’s 11.00 pm for me. I’ve been storing my stuff in a cube in the sandbox so that if a new InWorldz Grid is opened, my inventory will still be there. I requested an inventory back up as well. But how will this work? When I rez the stuff on the new grid (if it happens), will it show my name as creator?????? That is unacceptable. Some of my items are irreplaceable, like all my Julia Hathor items. Julia is no longer active in Virtual Worlds, so it’s not a question of buying the same items in SL. Most precious among those items is the Old and Twisty Summer Maple Tree she gave me as a present when I first joined IW.

My beautiful home on Helios in the Crystal Sea has already gone. I’m hoping Anyraya Braveheart, who has been a wonderful landlady will also move ot the new grid. I’d rent from her again like a shot.

We were just about to start IW Relay for Life. I was going to ask Yichard Muni, storyteller extraordinaire, to weave his wonderful tales at my place in aid of RFL. That’s not going to happen now.

I’ve joined Discovery Grid and am already a member of an IW Refugee group there.  And of course there’s always dear old SL.

I wish I’d spent more time in InWorldz. Story of my life (and blogs), real and virtual

Read all about it here.

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Lumiere Noir RIP

The creative genius behind the Ivory Tower of Prims has died. May he rest in peace. More at Daniel Voyager’s blog.


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OSgrid Info

Missing my little spot on OSGrid

OSGrid News


We have new information on the recovery process. The array was not able to be rebuilt from the cloned drives due to logical partition errors so the recovery service has performed a full recovery, restoring everything to a single 6 tb drive that the engineer said should boot and that all the files are intact. The additional costs, less the $2302.56 we have already paid them, comes to $2510. We currently have $3432.88 which would make our budget very tight (we still have hosting costs, etc).

Thank you very much for your patience and support!

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Recovery details

I miss OSGrid – it’s my quiet place.

OSGrid News


The recovery firm has responded with some news, some bad, some good. The initial drive assessment determined that they found sector damage, partition corruption, filesystem corruption, and logical alignment failure. They provided an estimate for file recovery that probably exceeds our means at $4600 and would still require a lot of work to put back into place.

However during subsequent discussions with the engineer it has been suggested that cloning the drives would probably be a more viable solution. The good news is that cloning is less expensive and we would have a working partition, which would help get the grid back online sooner. They will need 4 new drives to accomplish this, and we have contacted our data center about this. We will be able to provide more detailed information, as soon as we receive it.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

OSgrid, Inc.

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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for …

New Toulouse. It’s a new team too. Modesty forbids that I should mention that I am one of the Estate Managers, so I won’t. I carried out my first EM duty earlier this week: I unblocked terraforming so a resident could tinker with his land in Bayou. Oh the power! Today New Toulouse: tomorrow the Grid! MWUHAHAHA.

Our new website is here . Notice how I keep using that word “new” but in fact a lot of old faces have reappeared. And the old Green-Eyed Fairy is still there, but she’s had a little bit of botox and some collagen implants. That building has sentimental value for me, so I’m keeping it.

We’re busy preparing for Mardi Gras now. Woot!

Below is a photograph of one of our new establishments, Antoine’s Restaurant. That was built from scratch by the talented Gardenia Malheur, or Miz Gardi as she is better known in SL’s very own Big Easy.

Antoine's Restaurant from Nightingale Park

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The official Notice from outgoing Prim Minister Gabrielle Riel

Dear New Toulouse Residents,

The future of New Toulouse is coming together. I have some good news and I have some bad news. Good news first.

New Toulouse founding resident Henri Godenot has made an offer to purchase 2 of the New Toulouse sims: New Toulouse proper and New Toulouse Bayou.

This means that the New Toulouse estate will continue to exist into the future.

This means that if you live in NT proper or Bayou, you are set. There is nothing you need to do. Your sim remains as is. Your Second Life remains undisturbed.

The bad news.

If you live in New Toulouse Algiers, Bourbon or Pontchartrain, your sim is disappearing. I know how difficult this is for all of you. I have been in your exact position and I know how it feels to lose the SL home that you love. Unfortunately the vacancy levels in all 3 of those sims is too high. They can not support themselves.

If you currently live in Algiers, Bourbon or Pontchartrain, you have 4 options for relocation:

1. You can move into one of the vacant parcels in NT proper or Bayou. Both of the sims have vacant parcels.

I have marked all of the vacant parcels in NT proper and Bayou with large prims of the New Toulouse flag. This way you can walk around the sims and easily see which parcels are available. The parcels are set for sale for $1 L. They are first come, first served. You can claim one or more parcels.

If you find a parcel to which you would like to relocate, BUY the parcel for $1 L. This takes the parcel off the market. If you do not follow these instructions then someone else can take that parcel.

2. You can move into one of the vacant parcels in Witchport. This will be at no cost to you and I will transfer your tier balance to the Witchport meter. Please contact me if you choose this option.

3. You can move into the next “Witch” sim, Witchwoods. This sim will sit directly south of Witchport. This will be at no cost to you and I will transfer your tier balance to the Witchwoods meter..if you have a balance by the time the sim lands. Please contact me if you choose this option.

Witchwoods will actually be the former New Toulouse Algiers sim and it still needs to be developed. You will be able to take a temporary residence in Algiers at no cost, however you will need to pick your items up temporarily as we (Mr. Breitman and I) develop the sim. We will work with you on your parcel selection as soon as we have a map.

The theme for Witchwoods is purely fictional. It will be a dark, enchanted forest that could exist in either Europe or North America. Think Sherwood Forest, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pagan influences with a dash of Arthurian Legend.

If you already live in Algiers and you feel that you can work with this theme, you can stay put for the moment, for free.

Witchwoods, like Witchport, will be a triple prim sim. The tier rates are identical to New Toulouse ($225 L per week for 117 prims) however they are multiplied by 3 instead of two. This means that a 512 sq. m. parcel costs you $675 L per week for 350 prims. You will have more prims in a smaller parcel.

I do not have an estimated completion time for Witchwoods. I will keep you informed as to the progress. Mr. Breitman and I hope to have it in good shape by the end of January.

4. You can move elsewhere on the grid.
The transfer of New Toulouse proper and Bayou to Henri is scheduled for January 1. After that date you will pay tier to him via his tier meters that he will install. I have removed all of my tier meters.

There are no refunds on any of the tier that remained on your meters. This is per the New Toulouse Covenant. This policy has existed as long as NT has existed.

Here are the dates by which you must move:

New Toulouse proper – you do not have to move. Stay put and be happy.

New Toulouse Algiers – please vacate prior to January 1, 2013, unless you want to make the transition with the sim as it becomes Witchwoods, do nothing and stay put.

New Toulouse Bayou – you do not have to move. Stay put and be happy.

New Toulouse Bourbon – please vacate prior to January 1, 2013.

New Toulouse Pontchartrain – please vacate prior to January 5, 2013.
If you have any questions about the information that I have presented here, please drop me a notecard (my IMs are capping) or IM me while I am online.

I’ll be speaking more about the personal side of all of this in my blog in the near future, but for now, this is all of the key logistical information that you need to know.

Thank you for waiting patiently while I worked on ensuring New Toulouse’s future.


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The Sim that would not die

New Toulouse lives on! An NT resident has bought it. I don’t want to say too much at the moment because one or two details need to be ironed out, eg: how many sims he/she (not giving anything away, hehe) will be buying.

I’m a happy bunny. The Green-Eyed Fairy will stay right where it is. And I’ve just disvoered hte most wonderful pic of the place on Koinup.



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Do you know what it means …

to miss New Orleans Toulouse? We received the worst news in our little community by the Missedabracket River. After four years as Estate Owner, Gabi Riel has decided that the demands of RL mean she can no longer continue to run New Toulouse. NT is actually making a small profit, so it’s a good buy for anyone thinking of ownership, with a committed and enthusiastic bunch of tenants. For more information check the financials here.

New Taloo was in peril once before, but, thanks to Gabi, it survived another four years. We’re all hoping and praying we find someone else to take us on.

People would probably sneer at folks caring so much for data on a server, and tell us to “get a life”, but that’s all any of us is really: data on some vast cosmic server.



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